Adjustable Blue Facemask for Prevention and Protection

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A blue standard facemask. Can help to reduce the risk of catching infections or viruses thru the mouth and nose. The top white line has a metal insertion than enables you to size the mask around your nose. On both sides is straps to place around the ears to keep on place. The main blue section is able to be pulled down under the chin to keep the mask in place and to reduce the amount of air to come in contact with the mount and nose. The main blue section is filtered to clean the air to help reduce any infection of virus. Please note this can only reduce not prevent the spread of harmful infections or viruses.


Blue facemask

White straps

Blue filtered mask

Adjustable main section

Metal insert to mould fit around the nose


Measurements below are approx and should be used as a guide only

Length:  180mm

Depth folded: 90mm

Depth Unfolded: 160mm